is a professional
manufacturer of ship
control system (MCS, ECS)

Korean Naval shipsets and has been cooperation with major shipyards and de
fense companies in domestic. Especially, we have been recognized as a leading
company in this field by participating in the ECS Business and developing the lo
calization of Korean naval shipsets from 2005 in accordance with the localiza
tion defense development strategy of DAPA

Bosung Marine Business

The ECS (Engineering Control System) has the digitalized and automated
system which performs reliable and survivable control and monitoring functions
about the main propulsion system, electrical system, selected auxiliary systems
and ship's total damage control system. To secure the safety for ECS, it consists
of communication via a dual ring network and has a distributed open architec
ture system supported by fiber optic network.

Our Engineering Control System (MCS, ECS) is the key component to be installed in Re
public of Korea Navy vessels. We, BOSUNG have experiences to deliver them successful
ly through PKX-A #1-18(18 shipsets), LST-II #1-4(4 shipsets) and now we are producing
and delivering ECS which will be installed in Patrol Killer eXperimental Ship #1-16 and
ATX(Auxiliary Training Ship)

In particular, we are expanding localization of products through continuous R&D in ECS and MCS. Also, we have established as total solution provider for ECS business of Korean Navy such as PSI, design, procurement, manufacturing, commissioning and various tests including military standard certification through technical tie up and alliance with world class companies such as Rolls Royce in UK, L3 MAPPS in CANADA and SEASTEMA in Italy. Furthermore, we are highly credible reputation and recognized for our products through service and maintenance after delivery

Key Products

Electric Plant
Control Console

This system is part of ECS and electric plant control system perform following function that is remote control and monitoring of diesel generator sets including normal and emergency shutdown and automatic paralleling. Also, all monitoring and control functions on the EPCC will be achieved through the mimic pages on the VDU.

Data Acquisition Unit

The DAU provide control functions, local machinery plant monitoring and control, signal processing and interface to machinery plant and damage control equipment and sensors. Each DAU provide signal conditioning and data conversion from the machinery sensors and actuators, and also, digitized data to the operator consoles as well as receiving digitized common data from the operator consoles, and DAUs have enough redundancy enabling control and monitoring function to survive in case of allocated DAU's failure.

Propulsion and Auxiliary
Control Console

Propulsion and Auxiliary Control Console in CCS is provide to effectively perform the remote control and monitoring Gas turbine or Engine, key propulsion and ancillary machinery system. The functions for above perform at the VDU pages on ECS consoles/workstations.

Damage Control Console

Damage Control Console in CCS perform damage recognition and effective coordination of damage control actions. When unexpected fault occurs, portable control unit and terminal will be used for damage control and monitoring

Supervisory Console

The supervisor console is installed in CCS whose main function is engineer officer of the watch (EOOW) and logging control.

Sub Damage Control

As local control, it is to perform control & monitoring for damage.

Ship Control Console

Ship Control Console in pilot house, is to perform ship control and monitoring.