mro business

solution provider
for maintenance & upgrade

Based on the experiences of USFK maintenance business in the past, BOSUNG INDUSTRIES is pioneering various overseas maintenance projects. Starting from Kuwait Maintenance facility, now we’re on discussion with Saudi Arabia maintenance facility, additionally as a MRO business, we’re on discussion with Egypt, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for their military vehicle like M113, M109, M48, M60 which Bosung has long time maintenance experience for. In particular with Pakistan we has established Joint Venture, a state-owned maintenance company in Pakistan, and are currently in the process of supplying M113 / M109 repair parts, Additionally the M113 Upgrade Program is currently in progress. The spare parts supply business and M113 upgrade are expected to apply Korea components using advanced parts technology from Korea. In this way, it


Based on our experience, we are in the process of development of Kuwait's comprehensive logistics maintenance project. In the meantime, we are proposing a project to take the first step of independence in the logistics support field of the country that has been long dependent on foreign OEMs. We are designated as the preferred negotiator for the project and we are in the process of negotiating the detailed project with the aim of concluding the contract with Kuwait government. Based on the above experience, we have been expanding marketing activities to the region of Saudi Arabia and Africa.


We have established joint venture with
Pakistan's state-owned comprehensive logistics
maintenance company in 2018.
We know that it is a good example to show
our technology and capability to do business overseas.

We can provide Total Solution
such as Maintenance / Upgrade / Spare Parts supply to our customers
who have a plan to consider upgrading or maintenance for
their own weapon system.


M113A2 Upgrade Project is a good example to show our Upgrade Solution.

The M113A2, which was produced in the past, We can provide engine performance upgrade, suspension upgrades
to improve the vehicle power performance and additionally installation of Air con, Night Vision system
s possible based on customer request. By participating in the overseas upgrade and maintenance project,

we are confident that it will contribute not only to customer satisfaction
but also to the export of Korean small defense companies.