Welcome to Delos Enterprise, Inc

The incorporation of Delos Enterprise began with a vision of expansion, a new company of Bosung Industries. A key factor in any successful business and partnership is establishing a solid relationship with nearby customers. For this reason, Delos was created with the office being in WDC, USA.

  Founded on June 22, 2020, Delos is a Defense, Logistic, Solution provider and its’ target audience is Department of Defense and any governing agency. Currently, we will be pursuing War Reserve Material (WRM), Maintenance, Repair, and Operation (MRO) type Government contracts. And in support of the prevention and spread of COVID19, Delos will join forces with other major companies by making PPE available worldwide. We will provide quality Korean products.

  Delos looks forward to partner exclusively with organizations and individuals who share Delos’ commitment. Successful partners can be mutually beneficial. For this reason, and through Joint Ventures, Delos will share Bosung’s WRM and MRO past performance with value partners.

  As a 26-year USAF Veteran with logistics, transportation, maintenance, and 15 years of experience working with government contract opportunities, I look forward to working with value partners.

   Pablo Mendez / President
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Phone Number / 703-343-9545
Fax Number / 571-376-6827
Mobile / 82-10-9069-9533
Office / 82-31-719-8309